Powering A New Era Of Genetic Medicines

Our lipid nanoparticle platform aims to unlock existing limitations within the drug delivery space by enabling more frequent re-dosing, reducing toxicity, and improving and expanding therapeutic targets.

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Our singular purpose

Opus is dedicated to advancing lipid nanoparticle delivery, ultimately unlocking the true potential of genetic medicines across a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Our platform

Superior LNP Delivery Platform

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    Opus’s proprietary lipid nanoparticle delivery platform encompasses a novel class of LNPs, enabling enhanced delivery for a wide range of genetic medicine payloads to different organs, tissues, and cells.

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    Our platform is designed to overcome the limitations of different delivery vectors including LNP formulations, such as safety, immunogenicity, and payload constraints to different targets.

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    By addressing key challenges in drug delivery, including toxicity, re-dosing, transfection, efficiency, precision, cost, and development time, we are committed to advancing therapeutic delivery outcomes for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Our story

Driving Innovation In Genetic Medicine Delivery

Opus was founded by the Murthy Lab at the Innovative Genomics Institute. Our team of scientists specializes in formulating innovative drug delivery solutions, aiming to leave a mark in the realm of genetic medicine.

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